What Is Featured?


Featured is our core service, giving you a page on our website for all workers visiting our site to see. Do you have one have one job or 100 remote jobs? On your page you can talk about as many jobs as you like with no restrictions as it is 100% customisable by your design team(s), meaning you can make it look however you want. This enables you to talk about your job(s) how you see fit and no need to follow a set process that might not work
for your business.



Once a worker has discovered your page you can easily redirect them to your website/contact email/phone number where the next steps in the recruitment and selection process can take place.

Why Join Our Website?


67%. That’s the percentage of people who wanted to earn money online in the UK, whether it is an additional income stream or their main income. Of the people who wanted to earn money remotely, only 31% took actions to do so , meaning 69% of people who wanted to earn money online didn’t take any action.



We are going to offer workers across the UK the opportunity to find jobs online at one website and we want them to see your opportunities. We allow you to showcase your amazing remote opportunities and easily redirect them to the next steps to join your organisation. As your page is fully customisable how you present your jobs has never been more personal as you know your opportunities best.



We also understand the changing needs of your business and therefore the change in recruitment plans. That is why we allow you to change your page to showcase different jobs and opportunities as your needs change, no hassle or obstacles. You can update your page as quickly as your opportunities change.



We like to think we price our services as clearly and simply as possible, that is why we can fit all our prices in one page in the below file. Our pricing structure is simple, the longer you advertise your jobs on our website, the lower price that you will pay per day, with prices as low as £5 per day.



Click on the link below to download our pricing booklet or use our pricing tool below to calculate the cost of your page.

When will our featured service launch?


Our featured service is currently under development and will be launched on 04 July 2022. If you sign up before our official website launch you get to access to your page within 48 hours, giving you more time to create your perfect page to advertise your jobs. The only fee payable is the £100 GBP set up cost until our site launches meaning you get free development time!

Sign up today


Click the link below to sign up to our featured service and we’ll contact you within 48 hours (or 06 June if signed up before) to provide log in details so you can start designing your organisation’s page ahead of the official 04 July launch.

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