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Our Aim

We want to give UK workers a brand new platform to help them earn money online. Our market research found 50% of respondents wanted to earn money online but had not signed up to any method to do so. We are going to change that. We want to do this by letting everyone find fantastic opportunities that organisations offer in one central location.

Our Clients

We are looking for organisations who offer remote jobs, whether they are part time or full time, from casual workers or skilled professionals, we want to help you find the workers to help your business thrive. Do you want to recruit driven individuals based all around the country and want access to a marketplace amazing workers? If this sounds like your needs then we should be your next partner, offering a platform to reach the people you want at affordable rates.

Why should you join us?

By joining our platform you will be featured on our platform, showcased to everyone who visits our website, all of which will be looking for remote working possibilities. Best of all? We offer flexible packages depending on your needs and can offer benefits to ensure you get the team members you need as quick as possible. Our market research shows an incredibly strong trend of people wanting to earn money online, either from casual work to full time professional jobs. However, 50% of these workers did not know where to start, so that’s our aim, to create an easy starting point at You’ll have the option to either create your own page to have it exactly how you like or can have us create you the perfect page for your jobs.

What do we do?

We offer a marketing platform dedicated to helping individuals find their perfect remote jobs. By building up a base of amazing workers we don’t have to wait for them to find your opportunities, we can go direct to them using our platform and database. That’s why we see ourselves as matchmakers, pairing outstanding workers to the best organisations. At this time our platform showcases opportunities and directs workers towards the organisations position, we currently do not offer recruitment and selection services such as conducting interviews.

First Steps

First steps are as simple as filling out the form below. We’ll reach out to you to discuss your needs, cost and tailor a package for you. Already know what you want? Visit our services page and partner with us today.

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About Us

We are a start up based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We started the company as we have spotted an exponential increase in people working remotely due to the pandemic and we believe this will be a trend will stretch into the future. That’s why we wanted to create a platform that was all about helping people who want to work remotely, accomplish just that going forward. Click here to read more…

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